Boarding & Services

Prices effective January 1, 2019



Rates are based on a monthly commitment, per day charges are based on a slightly higher rate.  Every horse receives personalized care to ensure their comfort and well-being.  Board includes 2 feedings per day of quality alfalfa hay, daily cleaning, spacious private tack locker and use of all amenities.  We understand some horses have special dietary needs and grass hay may be substituted for alfalfa at an additional charge.

Box Stall                                                     $440.00

  • 12' x 12' stall with 12' x 24' run
  • mats in stalls, shavings provided

Paddock                                                     $325.00

  • 24' x 24' paddock with large shelter

Lunch Program

We highly recommend our supplemental lunch program for larger horses and/or those horses in strenuous work programs.

  • Alfalfa       $60.00
  • Timothy  $100.00


A one time security deposit  of $100 is required with your first month's board.


Cornerstone provides full service care for the discriminating horse owner.

Longe, turn-out or handwalk - $15.00

Blanketing (prices per blanket) - $30.00

Fly Sheets (Training horses only) - $25.00

Show clip - $25.00

Partial show clip - $15.00

Body clip - $150.00

Soap bath - $15.00

Mane pull - $15.00 to $25.00

Medication and supplemental feed program - $30.00

Horse trailer storage - pending availability - $45.00


We require all horses to remain on a regular shoeing/triming schedule.  The client is responsible for all shoeing costs whether the horse is owned or leased.  Farrier services will be billed on your monthly board account or you can pay the farrier directly.  Our farrier is Jose Vazquez of Vazquez Farrier Service.  We highly recommend Vazquez Farrier Service for all your shoeing needs.


Cornerstone uses Dr. Nancy Collins of Collins Equine Veterinary Services.  Although we recommend Dr. Collins for all your veterinary needs, you may use another vet if you desire.  The veterinarian will bill directly for all medications and treatments.  The client is responsible for all charges incurred by the veterinarian.  Cornerstone staff will administer veterinarian prescribed medications and treatments for your convenience at an additional charge.

We require horses be kept current on vaccinations and de-worming.  For your convenience we offer a bi-annual veterinary clinic for vaccinations and routine care.

We highly recommend horses be insured for mortality and major medical.